About the Villa


Built in 1905, the Viewfinder Villa is not only situated in a beautiful landscape, it also offers a super relaxed atmosphere and lots of space for creative work and successful learning.


Our Photo Studio is equipped to work with still and moving images, including a flash system, continuous lights and a background system.

The Digital Suite is available for image editing. Bring your own computer if you like.

The Scanner Suite has several scanners (flat bed, pull-in) and is part of the Digital Suite. Here you can digitise analog media in different formats from 35 millimeters to 8×10″ large format.

Our Dark Room hosts 3 enlargers (Beseler 4×5″, Durst, Leitz) and offers the space and time that you need to experience the quieter side of photography.

Our Seminar Room is equipped with a sound system and HD projection. It offers the right kind of relaxed living-room atmosphere to allow for easy learning.

Our Kitchen features an over 100 year old original terrazzo floor and is the ideal meeting point during breaks to exchange ideas and re-fuel with a cup of coffee or tea.

The Viewfinder Villa has a broadband internet connection and wifi that you’re free to use while you are here.

Viewfinder Villa