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Absolut Analog Workshops
Absolut Analog: three Workshops and six dates

The Villa will soon go analog! After our book is released in September, we will hold three analog photography workshops on six dates. Yes, they are all in German, but it’s a start. And when the English version of the book is out (some time in 2016) there’s a chance we’ll do some of those in English too.

Here are the workshops:

And because we are so proud of it, all participants will receive a hand-signed copy of our book.

» more about the absolut analog workshops (in German)

(Deutsch) Der Eiffelturm im Maßstab 1:1 aus Streichhölzern

While our German book Absolut analog – Fotografie neu entdecken is being finished (we just got the first version of the layout), we are in the process of preparing for the fall 2015 and spring 2016 analog workshops. One of the things to get ready is the rooms where everything takes place.

Eine wichtige Lieferung für unser analoges Workshopangebot
An important delivery for our analog workshops

It’s an industrial sink. We’re almost ready to start working with chemistry.

The analog workshops can come. (currently mostly in German)